Commission works

Commissioned Custom

Diorama Displays

I have been commissioned to build custom diorama displays for fellow collectors and within this section, I will be displaying those pieces for you.

If you like your own custom diorama display for use in animation or just to display your figures, please get in contact with your ideas via the Contact Me page.


Mortal Kombat The Pit
Spider-Man Play set
Wayne’s G.I Joe bunker and terrain.
Street Light Diorama
Church Ruin
Blade Runner 2049 staircase
Sewer 2
Battleground Arena
Battleground Arena
Alien Sewer
Castle Grayskull Weapons Room
G.I.Joe Armour
Friday 13th Scene
Cobra Commander’s Throne
Mortal Kombat The Pitt 2
Inspired Workshop Commissions
Mandalorian Display
Death Star Corridor
Mandalorian Display 2
Snake Eyes Log Cabin
Imperial Compound
Streets of Jedha
G.I.JOE Armoury
Cobra Commander’s Throne Room
Oba Diah Ruins
Imperial Crates
Rooftop Diorama
Action Figure Rooftop Diorama
Three Tier Building Diorama
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