Action Figure Rooftop Diorama

I have been commissioned to build another rooftop diorama to the measurements of 16″ x 13″ x 16″ to fit into clients deltof for their 6″ and 7″ figures.

Building the Scene

I have cut the four side pieces (4 pieces at 15″ x 8″) of 10″ insulation foam with another four pieces of this time 6″ foam to which were glued onto the first four. I cut notches into the two larger walls, added magnetic tape, and added the side pieces. Notches were cut into the inner pieces and a roof piece cut giving me the basic shape to work on.

I’ve been focused on this latest rooftop piece. I’ve added a border around the base and then added it the brickwork, upon completion I added the cornerstones to each corner, cut out the roof floor before finishing off for today by adding the rooftop ledge.

Painting the Scene

I started painting this commissioned rooftop diorama. Earlier this week base coated this piece with black spray paint, today I painted the bricks, cornerstones and edges. Once these had dried, I painted random brick on each of the walls and the rooftop building with a brown wash.

I have finished painting the brickwork of the walls and rooftop building. All that needs to be done are a few finishing touches and then this can wing its way to my client.

Final Pictures


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