Ecto-1 repaint

Ecto-1 repaint

I recently purchased Kenners 80’s Ecto-1, this is a beautiful vehicle but I felt it was too bland compared to the cartoon version it represented.  


To start I used a watered down bleech solution to remove some of the discolouring brought on through sun damage.

I have used Humbrol paints as a base because of the type of sheen used on the toy prevents standard acrylic paints from bonding to the plastic.


I have used Humbrol Silver chrome for the metal work around the windows, fins and bumpers.  Light grey for the center of the roof lights, the block that roof chair sits on and dome on the roof.  Blue for the raised block behind the front siren lights.  The side cylinders I have used yellow and a yellow/green for either end and the center of the cylinders.


Once dry I have used Game Workshops paints to layer and dry brush each of these items to age.


I have ordered replacement stickers to which I am waiting for them to arrive.