Cobra Commander Throne Room

Cobra Commander Throne Room

I’ve been commissioned to create a G.I.JOE Classifieds diorama for Cobra Commander with a throne.

Building the Scene

The Throne

The diorama is to be 45 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm, I’m not sure whether to 80’s cartoon or to take inspiration from the game?

While I decide I’m going to start work on the throne. Using foam board I have created the basic structure and have finished for day by using PVA glue to fix two pieces together for the back of the throne.

Shaping the back of the throne to look like the head of a King Cobra. I’ve been using a dremmel to shape and sand the head. It’s turning out rather well!

I just need to shape the throne but I have made sure there is a gap between the chair and the back to slip the Commander’s cloak through to help him sit better.

Finished the build on this throne by carving scales into the back of the Cobra head. Shaping the seat so it doesn’t look like a couple of blocks and embedded a Cobra symbol under the seat.

With this done I can now start to build the diorama.

Throne room

The pieces of foam board cut, glued together and magnetic strip added. I have pencilled on all the brick work and the next step will be carving the stone work and adding a plinth for the throne to sit on.

The outline of the bricks have been scored, I’ve raised the throne from the floor using a piece of 6 mm board and scored stone work into it. I’ve also cut and scored two stone pillars to frame the throne in the centre of the room.

Next step is to add detail into the stone walls and floor.

After a busy few days of merriment, time to return to building. After reading and watching classic Joe cartoons and comics, I realised what was missing from this. A computer console for Cobra Commander to use and gloat as he calls the world leaders with his latest threat of world domination!

Finally finished the build by adding detail to the walls and console. Next step to undercoat it ready to be painted

Painting the Scene

I’ve undercoated the model using Chalkboard spray paint because it doesn’t eat the foam as ordinary acrylic spray paint does. The console I have been base coated with l airbrush gunmetal grey and the throne is airbrushed with green gold.

I have almost finished painting the throne and keyboard. Once the base coat dried, the inner hood scales were airbrushed with a light green, the centre with red and the outer and head airbrushed with a light green/gold. The chair frame was then airbrushed with the light green/gold and with red for the cushions. I highlighted and edged the throne with Games Workshops liberator gold and wild rider red, the Cobras eyes, symbol and fangs were painted, layered and edged.

The console I’ve added a a dark blue wash into the crevasses, between keys, painted soom of the buttons and dials and then painted the edges of the the console.

Completed the painting of the walls and floor today. Using a sponge to speckle different tones of grey paint over the walls and floor.

Mixing up a lighter grey to dry brush the model.

Before I add a few finishing touches I have done a few action action shots.

Finished the final touches by dry brushing a light grey over areas of the floor and walls. I’ve added a couple of banners for either side of the throne and a couple of decals for the monitors. Just need to add figures for my final pictures.

Before taking my final shots, I wanted to see what it would look like with figures and then using an app, turned a few into a comic stip

Final Pictures