Open Grave

Open Grave

Created a Halloween based diorama

Building the scene

I’ve glued together two pieces of foam board 16″x14.5″, cut a hole in the near middle 7″x 4″. Using a couple of pieces of foam to create a headstone.


With out realising I put the name of my best friend I lost to cancer three years ago on the grave stone.


Made a two more grave stones. Cutting four pieces of foam to form the walls of the grave.


To test my idea of what I wanted to achieve submerged grave into water added a fountain haser. The grave filled up with steam, I’m thinking raising the device to enable the steam to spill out from the grave. Adding my Ghostbusters zombie for added effect.


Built a waterproof box from foam board, glued together using hot glue creating a waterproof seal.  I ran hot glue across all the corners, sealing the inside of the box.

A layer of soil mixed with PVA glue was smeared across the surface and when dry a layer of moss will be added.


Developing the scene

While waiting for the soil to dry I made a couple more gravestones.


After raiding my garden for moss, after it dried out I’ve glued it on top of the soil.


Grave stones painted. When the moss is tried these will be fixed to base



Finishing touches

Trimmed the grass to tidy it up, glued the headstones into place using hot glue. Placed the hazer unit into the grave and filled the box with water. The haze filled the grave giving me the effect I wanted.


As a finishing touch for a Halloween display piece, I have added bat LEDs to the box and then covered it with spider webs.


Added a underwater LED light


Final Pictures



Friday 13th Scene

Friday 13th Scene


I’ve been commissioned to create a scene based on Friday 13th.

Building the scene 

I’ve cut two pieces of foam board 14″ x 10″ and glued them both together. I am using bolsa wood for the floor, which I have arranged the pieces around the floor plan I drew out. The gap in the floor will be for a wall with a door.


The back wall will be double sided with a window and I might put a small garden or something out the front.

Cut tabs into the bottom of both walls and slots into the base to marry up with the tabs. Cut a doorway into the smaller wall and a window into longer wall.


I was going to use bolsa wood for the floor but replaced that idea with 6 mm foam board. This secures the walls into place and stops them from moving around.


I added soil to the front of the house as a flower bed. On both sides of the set I drew horizontal lines 1 inch thick, scored into the lines using a pottery tool to look like planks of wood. I did the same with floor. Using a wire brush against the walls which gave them a lovely wood effect.


Using bolsa wood for the door frame and skirting boards. Along the bottom of front of the outside I used a length of wood.



Started to apply the black base coat.



Finished adding the base coat then covered the soil area with moss and grass.


For the floor and external wall I’ve base coated with Burnt Umber, internal walls with ceramic white.



Made a light brown and dry brushed this other all of the wooden surfaces. Using GW Storm vermin Fur I dry brushed over the wooden surfaces again.


Made the window today using perspex, bolsa wood for the frame. Once all sanded the window has been glued into pace and ready to be painted.


Dry brushing a light brown over all of the dark brown wood work, including the window frame. This build is almost complete.


Being a diorama worthy of Jason, I’ve added blood splatter around the walls and floor with a little blood pooling in the middle o the floor. Demonstrated by model (no idea who he is!). For the blood I’ve used GW Blood for the Blood God, it makes a nasty mess don’t you think?


Final Pictures




G.I.Joe Armoury

G.I.Joe Armoury

I’ve been commissioned to create an Armoury for the same customer whom I built the Cobra bunker for a couple of years ago.


Building the scene

This piece is made from foam insulation board, the base, walls and the steps I have used 10 mm foam board.  The basic structure is there, time to build upon this before adding LEDs and casting weapons.


I placed magnets in the walls to hold it together. Using two strips I have separated the armory into three sections, in between the strips are three more panels which I will mounts weapons onto before fixing them into place.


Shaping the partitions to not look like slabs of foam, I then scored in 2″x2″ tiles into the floor. In each of the partition wall I will be casting weapons, at the moment I’m just getting an idea of how they will be placed.


I made 8 small holes in the roof and slid in 8 leds.


I’ve built a cover to hide the LEDs, cables and battery pack. I’ve placed a Cobra emblem over the centre, when painted will become a permanent fixture.


With the overall build done, now it is time to shaping and making it look like an 80’s cartoon Cobra armoury.

Using pottery carving tools to score into the foam and spiking holes into the foam on the back wall.


Casting Weapons

I am using blu-stuff to make molds of the weapons. I’m only making half cast because these will be permanently fixed to walls.

Made a few more molds before making the first batch of weapons. The plan is to make at least three batches of weapons to fill out this armoury.


I’ve put together a variety of cobra weapons spanning the years, I think you can guess who or what year they have come from.


I made two more batches of weapons and with some left over resin, I made another Cobra symbol.


With the extra weapons I am able to fill the walls. My client has requested that I leave space on one of the walls so he is able hand some removable weapons.


Now I’ve completed the casting I can start painting.


Black undercoat applied to the model


To begin with, I am base coating this model with a medium grey.

The rack walls with white and the guns with a coat of GWs Leadbelcher



Base coated the inside of the walls, second coat for the rack walls.


I’ve used Games Workshops Nuln Oil over each of the guns and a touch of Steel Drab on the three shotguns.

Base coat complete.


I have dry brushed Games Workshops Necron Compound over all surfaces except for the rack walls. Glued six of the guns into place and just in the process of arranging the back wall.



Instead of gluing the guns into place, I’ve been asked to add pegs for the guns to sit on.


The pegs are made from wooden toothpicks, cut down to size. To paint them, I’ve stuck them into a piece of foam board and sprayed them black.


Final Pictures