Cobra Stun Restoration

Cobra Stun Restoration

I recently acquired a G.I Joes 1986 Cobra Stun, the vehicle is in good condition but in need of TLC.   The hatches had been supplied but they had been broken into pieces along with one wheel trim.   It is missing two trims, both flags and the rear swivel gun.  After looking through sites eBay and forums on Facebook, I decided to cast some of the parts I needed, help improve my casting skills.

To start, boiled water was used to wash the entire vehicle.  I using the parts of the hatches which had been supplied, I was able to piece together a whole one.  I made up a couple of molds using Blu-Stuff, the first mold of the repaired hatch, the second mold of the remaining wheel trim.  

Blu Stuff molds

The first set of casts where made with sculpting putty, the wheel trims worked out well but the hatches weren’t working out the way I wanted.

The first trim cast


First cast hatch


The Stun all cleaned up

The next set, I used Epoxy Resin, poured the mixture into the moulds and the results were fantastic, both hatches and trims turned out better than I could have asked for. 

Both sets of casted trims


Both sets of casted hatches along with the repaired original hatch.
The Stun with its new accessories


Aerial view of the Stun and hatchs

Next part of this project will be to paint the new accessories, either locate of make the flags and locate another rear swivel canon.

Replacing the flags

With thanks to a donator from the US I now have two flags which can be added to the Stun, I’ve also found Motor Viper. I now need to locate the rear swivel gun, paint and attach the casts.

Using Apoxy sculpt, I have take sculpt of the base for each flag.  While waiting for it to cure, I cut off the original polls and attached the flags onto two pieces of wire.  The wire was then inserted into each of the new base.  

When the apoxy sculpt has cured then I can paint then and house them into the Stun.

Painting the cast

The first layer of paint has been added to new casts of the Stun.

Final Pictures

I came home from work tonight to find the last missing piece of my Stun had arrived! The package was ripped open and yes the swivel canon had arrived. Now all the pieces have dried and been added to the Stun.

I hope you enjoy the final photos of the completely restored 1986 Cobra Stun, where I have casted two wheel trims and adapted two original broken flags with picture wire to restore this vehicle to its former glory.

I hope I have done it justice!