Blown Building

Blown Building

With my eldest daughter visiting me for 3 weeks I thought I would take a little time off, or so I thought. My daughter asked if she could help me construct a diorama or two while she is here and this is what we did.

Taking black foam board and cutting it into three wall, we marked out the brick on three of the pieces and the carved into board. The other three pieces were used as a second layer to strengthen the boards. We then cut in between some of the bricks and then pulled then apart to destroy parts of the walls and use them as rubble for the floor.

I used two pieces of balsa wood for the floor, scoring the wood gently to make it look like floor boards.

Over the next couple of days, I will be teaching my daughter to coffee stain, spray paint the walls, put a Perspex window with window frame.

This is a wonderful surprising father and daughter project. Can’t wait to see what we come up with next!


Work in progress pictures can be seen here.

Jack Pitts

Jack Pitts

I was approached by a friend of mine, her son was participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and wanted to do a diorama for part of this award.  Jack is a fan of my facebook page and wondered if I could work with him.

Jack Pitts

To begin with, I asked Jack what he would like to build and to what scale.  After much deliberation, he settled for a Star Wars project to the scale of 3’75” figures.  His next decision was what to base this on, what film, to his mothers displeasure Jack forced himself to go through each of the Star Wars films until he found his inspiration and settled on an idea.  In the end he decided he wanted to build the Emperor’s throne room from Return of the Jedi.  After the decision was made, materials need to be bought and skills had to be taught.  Jack and I would meet up every week for an hour, in that time he would show me what he had done and how he could improve on it. 

Throughout the weeks, he has created a wonderful diorama, invested in the figures to go with it and this is what he created.  I am very proud of him for his accomplishment. 

Here is the gallery of his journey from start to finish, I hope you enjoy viewing them as I did working with him.



Welcome to my update page, where I will keep you up to date on my latest news/builds and general goings on with the Workshop.

Click on the pictures to see what’s been done


Started to mark out the brick work.


Finished painting the throne.

Started a new MOTU themed diorama

All boards glued together.

The basic build is done, time to start working my magic!

It’s coming together nicely!

RCW in Gotham

RCW in Gotham

After a year of building Star Wars diorama’s I wanted to try something different.  I wanted to create a multipurpose diorama which I could use to take action shots if figures for a couple of Facebook sites that I am a member of.  

What started as a building front with roof, ended up being a full multipurpose building both front and back, which can be used for mostly any genre but I have placed it within Gotham City.



The destruction of Maz Kanata’s castle

The destruction of Maz Kanata’s castle

This project I fancied building a ruin but it was a toss up between doing another SWTOR dio or from The Force Awakens.  I always liked the scene where Kylo Ren walks through the doorway of ruins of Maz Kanatas watering hole.  

With this diorama I also repainted Phasma, adding a chrome layer to enhance the look of her armour.  I wanted to get this as close to the film

as possible.



Jedi Ghosts

Jedi Spirits

After completing the last couple of rather large diorama’s, I wanted to do a smaller and more intimate piece while combining technique’s that I had used in the other sets.  Having recently purchased the Jedi Spirits action figure, these were the perfect figures to create this set with.  


Been situated in the Ewok village, I had to have a couple of Ewoks in the set.