Classic Engineering

Classic Engineering

For my first diorama I have started with the classic Engineering.  It is a simple box diorama, using decals I have printed out and scaled to the Playmates 4″ of the 90’s.

The Guardian of Forever

The Guardian of Forever

I wanted to go back to my love of Star Trek, especially the classic series with Kirk and Spock.  For this project I have created the Guardian from the classic episode “City on the Edge of Forever”.

I have started by cutting out the shape of the Guardian using foam board, then using scrolled up newspaper, I have added that around the frame, to which i will be covering it with modroc plaster of Paris strips.  Before I cover the Guardian I want to try to add LED’s into it, as they did in the original episode. This might not work but the cost of these lights, I’m not fussed if it doesn’t.

With the Alleyway finished, attention can now be focused on the Guardian. I have applied a layer of plaster of Paris strips over Guardian, I was pleasantly surprised to see the LED’s shining through. Let this dry before applying paint and working on the rest of the scenery.

While the Guardian was drying, it is time to work on the scenery. I cut a piece of foam board for the base, then cut a hole in the base to fit the bottom of the Guardian. Small pieces of board were cut to make a small brick wall, which will be situated in front left corner of the Guardian. The small pillar which is in front of the Guardian, I cut a small piece of foam to make the pillar.

Taking a spray can, the Guardian was given its first coat, the same was done with the pillar.

The other side of the Guardian had its first coat of paint. While that was drying, a second coat was applied to the pillar and wall.

With the back of the Guardian dry, I mixed up a light grey and blue. Then proceeded to go over the front of the Guardian with dry wash, then added bit of black and dry washed the inside, plus extremity of it.


With the Guardian finally dry, I applied another dry washes to the Guardian, pillar and wall.

With the base, another sheet of 5 mm foam board was cut and then glued to the underneath of the base. Mixing up sand with PVA glue and water, it was spread over the surface of the base. Now I must leave it to dry before applying the usual finishing touches.

Once the sand was dry, I gave it a covering with a combination of grey paint mixed with water and PVA glue. Mixing up a light grey acrylic mix, I dry washed the wall and pillar for the final time. Then went over the Guardian, touching up and scratches and imperfections. Waiting for the base to dry before painting its edges.

I brushed off some of the excess sand. I painted the border with a black acrylic, then heated up my glue gun sticking down the wall and pillar to the base.
While the base is still drying, I had to put it together to see how it looks. When it is completely dry I will do my usual final pictures.


My final pictures of The Guardian of Forever from the Classic episode “The City on the Edge of Tomorrow




Last night I started a new little project, for 3.75” figures. Using insulation foam board, I’ve cut a piece 6” x 12” for the wall. Marked out and engraved the brick work onto the front. Cut out a doorway, made up a small wall to sit behind the door, used the cut out for a small wall behind the door. The base is another piece of foam board 9” x 12”.


The time has been spent bricking the floor then adding detail to all the brick work.  Taking an ordinary pen and cutting the of the end, this was placed through the outer wall to act as ventilation pipe.




I have given this piece and complete undercoat of black paint, now I can start to build on the brick work.

Mixing up a blue/grey acrylic, a coat was applied to floor. Then mixing some burnt umber with the grey, this was then applied to the wall. A lighter grey was made, this was used for several dry washes across the floor and walls. Gently pulled apart cotton wool was used as steam coming out of the pipe in the wall with a combination of grey and black paint dabbed into it.

Enjoy some action shots before the final pictures are added.

Final pictures of my Alleyway diorama for 3.75” figures.