Demolished Warehouse

Demolished Warehouse

I have started working on a new piece, a two tier demolished warehouse.


Building the Warehouse

Measurements are 15×12″x12″. At the moment I’m going for single skin walls of 10mm thickness. To get the demolished look, I am constructing the model as a whole before breaking it down.

I have drawn on the bricks and made a floor, yes I know the first floor doesn’t look right but it will! I’ve used PVA glue so I am leaving this to dry before moving on.



I started today with scoring the brickwork, when finished I broke down areas of the model to look partially demolished.


Painting the Warehouse

The first floor I etched 2″x2″ slabs along with chips, cracks and fractures. The ground floor I cut out single bricks and glued them into piles. I then covered both surfaces with filler mixed with sand. After it had dried I painted the first floor with grey and then dry brushed with Venice Grey.

While that was drying, I undercoated the walls with black, then painted the brickwork, including on the floor. The space above the brickwork has been painted with Venice Grey.


The small wall (which I’m undecided over) was undercoated with black, base coated with grey and then dry brushed with Venice grey.



To start the ground floor was given a dark brown wash. The wall braces were painted grey. The first floor was then given a dark grey wash.

When the ground floor dried it was first dry brushed with a sand brown and then a dark brown.


The walls were given a wash, when it dried I dry brushed with a dark brown. The grey pillars were then dry brushed with Venice grey.

When this all dried, it marked the bulk of the painting is done. I glued five pieces together and started working on the accessories. To begin with, I have started to add moss to areas of this diorama. Before adding any more I need to add other accessories.



To give this an apocalyptic feel other than adding Terminators to diorama. I have casted skulls, painted them and the glued them to the floor. I’ve added more moss to the floor, in between the skulls and rubble and then added a layer of sand over it all. 



I finished work on this piece. I’ve added I window frames, glued in pieces of perspex as broken glass within the frames and randomly on the floor around the windows. I have also added pieces of metal wire sticking out of the concrete floor.

The window frames were first stained with tea and then glazed over using Games Workshop’s Agrax Earthshade.

To finish off I have sprayed the outside with black, hence the outdoors pictures.



Final Pictures


Attic Display

Attic Display


I am making another figure display, this one’s a corner of an attic.





Building the Attic


Again the same measurements as before 6″x6″x9″. This piece is mainly made from bolsa wood, using foamboard for under the floor and the cladding over the slats. I have ripped parts of the foam to reveal the slats behind the board.



Painting the Attic

Let the painting begin!

So far I have given the wood a base coat of burnt umber mixed with a little black and the foam a base coat of black.

When the first coat dried a second coat was applied to the wood.

With the foam I have drybrushed the brown mix over the surface and edges.


When the second coat has dried, I’ll be going over the floor with a wash, making sure to get it into the all the crevasses of the floorboards.

Once the wash had dried, I added picture hooks into beams and then chained up my Ghostbusters zombie. Using Games Workshop’s Blood for the blood God, I have added blood pools/splatter and “Help me” onto the floor and walls.



Final Pictures



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer

I started this build a while ago but put it down to concentrate on commissions I had on the go.  After building three sewers I wanted to have one to expand upon the TMNT Lair I built earlier this year.

Building the scene

With the structure already made I have drawn on the brick work ready to score on the walls.  I have put down the walkways as I have done in the past.



I have scored the brickwork and walkways slabs, just need to build the central sewer column for the water run out from.




I’ve made the central sewer grate, cutting a piece of board 6″ across with two sides at 1.5″. I’ve scored the brick work, cut a semi circle hole for the grate. Using my rotary tool I’ve sanded imperfections onto the brick wall and back wall. I’ve done the same with the two walk ways.


I have repeated the same process with the two side walls, also adding a small piece of pipe which juts out of the left wall above the small trench in the walkway.

I have cut a cardboard straw and used these for the bars to the grate and put down a sheet of water effect (the same stuff I have used before).  With this done, I am now ready to paint these before adding in extra pipes and cables.



Painting the scene

For the base coat I have sprayed it with black chalkboard spray paint.


Mixing up a light grey and rolled it onto the internal surfaces of the sewer. Once dry I added burnt umber into the mix and rollered this on top of the grey. I added crimson red to brown and painted the sewer tunnel, grate and borders of each walkways.

When this is dry I can start dry brushing the walls, painting the pipe, grate bars and adding the extra pipes.



I’ve dry brushed light grey over all brickwork including the floor. In between the larger cracks and fractures of the bricks I have added some of GW Agrax Earth shade.


I also used Agrax Earth shade on the small pipe, then highlighted with GW Brass Scorpion and then GW Runelord Brass.

The ladder I’ve painted it with GW Leadbelcher, shaded with Nuln Oil and then highlighted with GW Stormhost Silver.


I’ve finished by gluing the river sheets to the floor.

Using hot glue for small trench an the pipe, when it had dried I painted it with GW Nurgle’s Rot.

Unlike my previous sewer builds I decided to dry brush the ripples of water using GW Elysian Green and Baharroth Blue. Once that was finished I glued the two walkways into place.

I cut a couple of lengths of pipe, sprayed them silver and glued one to the right wall and the other smaller length to the back wall. I then shaded them with GW Nuln Oil and then coated them with GW Nihilakh Oxide. I’ve also added a couple of lengths of cable and added a junction box.



Finishing Touches

The finishing touches are now done, I have added a couple of decals along with sanding and painting the borders.



Final Pictures




Turtle Lair

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Turtle Lair

Taking inspiration from my recent Sewer commission I wanted to make a TMNT lair.  This piece is scaled to the 7″ Classic figures (based on the 1987 cartoon).


The diorama is made from insulation foam board, held together with magnetic tape.  Since I have used magnetic tape, it means its can be expanded upon at a later date.  Either adding in extra rooms or sewer tunnels.



Decided to etch in brick work to outside of one of the doors, followed up with brick work on the sewer tunnels. 


Finished the night of with some test shots of the Turtles facing down Shredder and his Foot soldiers.

With the door


 Grey acrylic base coat was applied to all the inside walls, floor and the one outer wall.


I washed over the entire inside of the model with a light brown which I applied using a sponge.   With that trying I turned my attention to creating one of the main pieces of furniture for any Turtle lair, the sofa!  Making this out of 10 mm foam board to fit two turtles.



Placing the sofa around the lair, I’ve realized I need to trim an inch off the sofa so it doesn’t look to fill the room as much as it does now.

I cut a couple of lengths of pipe which will run the length of each wall, as you can see they are only resting on top while finish off painting the walls before attaching them.



I applied a second wash of grey over all the walls, while they were drying I turned my attention to trimming an inch off the sofa and cutting the pipes down to size.


Using the airbrush to go round each brick and every crack using a light grey.  The sofa was given a coat of lime green (I know it looked awful!), this was quickly rectified and repainted over with a light brown.  Once it had dried I dry brushed a dark brown over to weather it.

I spray painted the pipes with a black base coat, followed with an aluminium layer.  They were dry brushed with Games Workshops Dryad Bark and Necron Compound.  The walls of the model were dry brushed with Games Workshops Longbeard grey.