Back in the 80’s I started to collect an army action figure range known in the UK as Action Force which then melded with their US counterpart into the US name Gi Joe.  I stopped collecting them in the late 80’s and thought nothing more about them until recently when a client has been asking me to build diorama’s for him around Gi Joe.  I went into my parents loft and dug my old Joe’s out, given them some very needed TLC as their ‘O’ bands had snapped on quite a few of them. 




 Replacing the bands, screws, even given Cobra Commander a face lift!

I redeveloped my fondness for these characters and realized how popular they still are in the world, so I have decided to do a few diorama’s around G.I. Joe.

Arashikage Dojo
Tiger Force Outpost
Wayne’s G.I Joe bunker and terrain.
G.I. Joe Armoury
Cobra Commander’s Throne
Snake Eyes Log Cabin