Back in the 80’s I started to collect an army action figure range known in the UK as Action Force which then melded with their US counterpart into the US name Gi Joe.  I stopped collecting them in the late 80’s and thought nothing more about them until recently when a client has been asking me to build diorama’s for him around Gi Joe.  I went into my parents loft and dug my old Joe’s out, given them some very needed TLC as their ‘O’ bands had snapped on quite a few of them.

 Replacing the bands, screws, even given Cobra Commander a face lift!

I redeveloped my fondness for these characters and realized how popular they still are in the world, so I have decided to do a few dioramas around G.I. Joe.

Arashikage Dojo
Tiger Force Outpost
Wayne’s G.I Joe bunker and terrain.
G.I. Joe Armoury
Cobra Commander’s Throne
Classifieds Snake Eyes Cabin
G.I.JOE Armoury
G.I.JOE Display Stand
Cobra Commander’s Throne Room
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