InspirED Workshop Commissions

InspirED Workshop Commissions

I am working along side InspirEd Workshops and Bradford’s National Media Museum to create eight diorama’s for InspirEd’s stop motion classes.


Building the scenes

The eight diorama’s are my standard size of 15″ x 14″ x 10″.  I have cut the boards make five dioramas.

Boards cut for 5 dioramas, ready for work to be started.

I’ve used PVA glue to glue the layers together, using heavy comic book novels to apply equal pressure to each model. Once these are dry, I can start molding them into scene’s.



Mortal Kombat – The Pitt 2

Mortal Kombat – The Pitt 2

While waiting for the clay to dry for Cobra Commander’s throne, it’s time to start building my next commission piece. I’ve been asked to build another Mortal Kombat The Pitt but unlike my previous one ( which was scaled for 3.75″ action figures, this one will be for the 6″ range.


Building the scene

To start I am making the walkway, this is made up of 3 section’s which slide together. The outer two sections are 12″ long and the center section is 9″ by 6″ wide. I have used 6 mm foam board sandwiching a piece of 10 mm board. With all pieces correctly lined up, each section is PVA glued.


Once they are dry, I can start building the towers and pillars.

I’ve built two ends to the bridge, which the bridge slots into them. The bridge sections will be held up using toilet rolls, which I’ll will coat using Modroc strips.


The basic build is done, I can start shaping this.

Cobra Commander Throne

Cobra Commander Throne

I’ve been asked to build a throne for Cobra Commander to scale 12″ Sideshow series. To get an idea of scale I have purchased a 1992 Action Man Cobra Commander which is also 12″.



Building the throne

So far for the seat I have made this out of foam board.



Using foam board to build out the throne, drawing the Cobra symbol to go behind the back of the chair. The idea I have to upon this making it 3 dimensional.

 The base I have cut two pieces of 10 mm foam board and drawn on 1″x 1″ square’s.

The throne, I have sanded and squared of the edges for now before making them serpent shaped. The back of the throne I have cut three pieces of 6 mm board to enhance the Cobra symbol and glued them to the back of the throne.



Started today by sanding down the corners of the arm rests and front of the throne. Also scoring into the back rest 3 cushions.

The base I have scored the 1″ x 1″ in squares.


To make the Cobra symbol really stand out, I have used clay around the head and the arms of the throne. The idea is for the arms to be be incorporated into the symbol.


Added a strip of foam board to complete the look of the Cobra symbol. It’s starting to come together I think.


I’ve added clay to both edges of the symbol, making the ends blend with arms of the throne.

Due to the weight of the throne, I don’t want the throne to topple over and break. Using 6 mm foam board, I have constructed a small plinth which is is embedded into the base and the throne sits over.

Extra clay was added to the throne, when it’s dry it will almost be time to paint.


A little extra decoration added to the throne today before sealing the entire throne with a watered down PVA glaze. When it’s dry I can start to paint this.




Painting the throne

A black under coat has been applied


Sprayed a layer of chrome gold and once that had dried, I’ve sprayed Gold leaf over the symbol.


I have used Games Workshop’s Reikland Fleshshade on the back and sides of throne, working the flesh shade in to the groves. I’ve used Auric Armour Gold in between the Cobras ‘ribs’. Then to see how it looked before painting all cushions, I have used Mephiston Red.


Finished painting the throne, got to start on the base now.


G.I.Joe Armoury

G.I.Joe Armoury

I’ve been commissioned to create an Armoury for the same customer whom I built the Cobra bunker for a couple of years ago.


Building the scene

This piece is made from foam insulation board, the base, walls and the steps I have used 10 mm foam board.  The basic structure is there, time to build upon this before adding LEDs and casting weapons.


I placed magnets in the walls to hold it together. Using two strips I have separated the armory into three sections, in between the strips are three more panels which I will mounts weapons onto before fixing them into place.


Shaping the partitions to not look like slabs of foam, I then scored in 2″x2″ tiles into the floor. In each of the partition wall I will be casting weapons, at the moment I’m just getting an idea of how they will be placed.


I made 8 small holes in the roof and slid in 8 leds.


I’ve built a cover to hide the LEDs, cables and battery pack. I’ve placed a Cobra emblem over the centre, when painted will become a permanent fixture.


With the overall build done, now it is time to shaping and making it look like an 80’s cartoon Cobra armoury.

Using pottery carving tools to score into the foam and spiking holes into the foam on the back wall.


Casting Weapons

I am using blu-stuff to make molds of the weapons. I’m only making half cast because these will be permanently fixed to walls.

Made a few more molds before making the first batch of weapons. The plan is to make at least three batches of weapons to fill out this armoury.


I’ve put together a variety of cobra weapons spanning the years, I think you can guess who or what year they have come from.


I made two more batches of weapons and with some left over resin, I made another Cobra symbol.


With the extra weapons I am able to fill the walls. My client has requested that I leave space on one of the walls so he is able hand some removable weapons.


Now I’ve completed the casting I can start painting.


Black undercoat applied to the model


To begin with, I am base coating this model with a medium grey.

The rack walls with white and the guns with a coat of GWs Leadbelcher



Base coated the inside of the walls, second coat for the rack walls.


I’ve used Games Workshops Nuln Oil over each of the guns and a touch of Steel Drab on the three shotguns.

Base coat complete.


I have dry brushed Games Workshops Necron Compound over all surfaces except for the rack walls. Glued six of the guns into place and just in the process of arranging the back wall.



Instead of gluing the guns into place, I’ve been asked to add pegs for the guns to sit on.


The pegs are made from wooden toothpicks, cut down to size. To paint them, I’ve stuck them into a piece of foam board and sprayed them black.


Final Pictures





Castle Grayskull Weapons Room

Castle Grayskull Weapons Room

Starting a new commission piece, this will be a weapons room within Castle Grayskull, scaled to Mattels 80’s He-man and the Masters of the Universe range.

This piece will be similar to one I built for myself but longer to accommodate more figures and even Battle Cat as demonstrated.


Building the scene

This piece is made from foam insulation board, the base, walls and the steps I have used 10 mm foam board.

After speaking with my client, 20″was too long to for into his deltof. I’ve taken 6″ off the base and back wall.


The aim is to try and make this as close to the Filmation version of the 80’s, one of the things I have found difficult is trying to replicate the floor. After going on a MOTU DVD binge I settled on a floor pattern I saw of the turret floor with the Talon Fighter parked on it. 

Stone slabs scored, time to start on the walls.

Brick work and windows cut and scored into the foam.



Drawing upon inspiration from the 80’s MOTU cartoon for the walls, cutting a piece of 6mm foam to create alcoves for the long wall. With alcoves cut and sanded, the sheet is then glued using PVA glue on too of the first sheet. Once this is dry, I will start adding the detail.