G.I.Joe Modular Stands

G.I.Joe Modular Stands

While the glue drys on the commission build, I thought I’d whip up another diorama modular display piece. This is thing inspiration from the new G.I.Joe: Operation Blackout game. I am building a single wall and floor from Cobra HQ.

Building the Scene

The measurements are 12″ x 6″ x 10″, and like the Star Wars Modular stands that I made earlier this year, I have used different thicknesses of foam board and cut them into different shapes build up the texture of the wall. All pieces have been glued together using PVA glue.

With all the pieces glued into place, it’s time to give it a little detail. Using a pencil to make the marks and pottery tools to give them depth. Before going any further with the sides, I need to sand the down and add detail.

Once this painted it will also work with Transformers.

Painting the Scene

Undercoat is done, time to base coat with a metallic grey.

I decided to paint this using metallic airbrush paints. I used gunmetal grey to base coat the wall and artic blue for the floor. The wall I’ve used a combination of artic blue for the pelmet and the central vent. Steel for the “frame” of the wall and then using a dark blue wash with in the crevasses of the wall to pick out the highlights. The edges of the floor I’ve painted using an acrylic metallic blue paint. When this is dry I will use a silver paint to pick out the edges of the wall.

Edging completed, this piece is now complete.

Final Pictures



  I’ve been asked to build an armoury for a clients G.I.Joe Classifieds figures.

Building the Scene

This is going to be a standard three wall, box diorama, with the measurements 14″ x 15″ x 10″. So far I have cut the six walls and floor pieces, glued them together and now waiting for them to dry. When they are dry I will be carving my standard brick walls into the foam and applying magnetic tape.

I’ve marking out the brickwork in pencil. After completing the work I then go back over the bricks with pottery tool followed by cutting out a door in the middle of back wall.

I’ve finished off marking the tile work on the floor. Now it is time to start making the gun cabinets. I’m making two out of bolsa wood, standing at 7″ tall, with shelves in to hold 4 horizontal placed guns

Finished the second gun cabinet.

I have carved the door for the armoury, after speaking with the client he is happy for me to start painting.

Painting the Scene

I’ve given this a black undercoat.

First coat of paint applied to the walls and floor, I’ve used a sponge to dab the paint on.

I finished painting this piece today. Starting with the walls and floor by using a sponge I dabbed a light brown over the walls and floor. When it dried I then dabbed a light grey over floor. For the door I painted it a metallic grey, then used black wash over the two panels. The rim and vents I have painted using steel. The cabinets I have painted them grey.

Originally the idea was to have two gun cabinets on either wall but after making the first two, the idea changed a little. I decided to add a world map and on the map are pictures of Cobra hierarchy taken from the 80’s cartoon, including a couple of images of Cobra Island. Once the images have dried I will be marking lines on the map to areas where these villains have been sited.

Final internal touches, external walls just need a coat of black and this will be complete.

Final Pictures



  I’ve been commissioned to create a warehouse display for a client, this piece will be 20″ x 20″ x 12″. The only specification my client has given me, is he would like two large windows on the central wall. What I have decided is one wall will have a door or two, sat upon a raised walkway running the length of the wall. The opposite wall I will add a garage door.

Building the Scene

To begin I have cut two pieces of 10 mm foam board for the 20″ x 20″floor and glued them together. The walls have also cut 3 x 20″ x 12″ of 10 mm and 3 x 20″ x 12″ of foamboard for the walls, then glued them together. I will be using the 6″ front of the walls as the display side and so far I’ve drawn in the brick work on two of the three walls.

I’ve added magnetic tape to the walls and floor and then finished marking up brickwork on the middle wall.

I’ve cut the two windows as requested for the back wall. The wall on the right I have cut away an alcove for the garage and an extra door. The next step is to make the raised walkway and cut the door alcoves for the left wall.

I have cut an L shaped walkway which fits in the top left corner. A doorway was cut out on the left wall, sitting on top of the walkway. I have added another section of foam between the two windows also marked out the brick work. It has been glued into place and clamped down while the glue dries.

To finish off while the glue dries I have cut two door from bolsa wood.

I started scoring round the brick work. Adding frames for the doors and fixing them into place. Glued the corrugated card into place and created a frame around it.

Painting the Scene

After getting the all clear from my client, I have undercoated this piece with black.

Let the painting begin!

Mixing burnt umber with white and dabbing it onto the brick work with a sponge. I then mixed up a dark grey and used that for the floor.

The client requested a free standing pillar be added to the build. Taking two 1.5″ x 12″ 15 mm strips of foamboard, I whipped up a free standing pillar, added the brick work and base coated black. When it’s dry I will use the same technique on it as I used on the walls.

Using a light brown I sponged it across the floor. I made up a dark brown wash and sponged across the walls and then over the floor after the light brown had dried. The pillar I dry brushed it with the light brown and then sponged the dark brown wash over it. The rear wall was dry brushed also with the light brown. The doors where airbrushed with gun metal grey.

The next steps will be to dry brush the other two walls before adding the greebles and the windows.

Today has been about the windows. I started by cutting a couple of pieces of perspex to fit the windows. I broke the the plastic to look like broken windows. I cut bolsa wood for the window frames and glued them into place.

The next step is to either use the plastic or use plastic film with tissue paper and fit it behind the frame.

I’ve finished building the window frames and painted them grey. I have added greebles to walls, cabinets with power cables running across the wall, a garage door control.

All that is left to do is to add “glass” to the windows, tissue paper to cover windows and the backs of the walls painted black.

Using a centre punch to create the bullet hole in the window, the panes have now been secured into place and this build is now complete.

I will post my usual final pictures as soon as I can.

Final Pictures