Castle Rm3

Castle Room 3

With Bradford Unleashed around the corner, I need to take a couple of original pieces. To start with I’m going to put together another MOTU based castle room. It will be a cross between the two I’ve made previously.



Building the scene



Marked out the brick work.


Drawing on inspiration from my last Grayskull room I did. I cut a couple of arches onto a piece of 6 mm foam board, which lay over the bricks of the back wall.


I cut a window into the smaller wall and using vintage He-Ro and Club Grayskull Tung Lashor as models (due to their different heights) to gauge how big the window should be to fit both sizes of figures.

With that done, the brick work was scored out using three different pottery tools, a single edge to make the initial score, diamond to cut the groove between the brick edges and finally a ball tip to run between the brick.


The edges where sanded along with the inside of the window and the arches before using PVA glue to to stick the arches over the back wall.

Taking inspiration again from Mattel vintage Castle Grayskull play-set, I scored out the brickwork around the window like I did with my previously. Using smaller pieces of foam to cut out decoration for both interior and exterior window wall.


I had a skull cast from my last Grayskull build, so I have placed that on the back wall in between the arches.


Painting the scene

Black under coat done, unfortunately the spray paint ate part of the foam but luckily it worked out well.



I base coated with a light grey, then airbrushed turquoise over the inner walls. For the exterior I added green to grey mixture, when this had dried added more green mixture and gave it another coat.



The look I’m going for is Filmation internally and Mattel colour scheme for the exterior.



I airbrushed olive green over the exterior wall. While this was drying I started edging the floor with Games Workshops Calgar Blue, I then started edging the gargoyle head.

Now the big question on my mind, do I use vintage MOTU weapons or Classic?




Finished edging the interior walls with Games Workshops Calgar Blue and then I dry brushed over all three surfaces with Baharroth Blue.


For the exterior wall, I went in between the rocks with watered down Abaddon black. I dry brushed over the wall with Elysian Green. The window ledge was base coated with Burnt Umber, layered with Gorthor Brown and edged with Rhinox Hide.


Weapons Casting

Using the molds of vintage MOTU weapons I made for a previous Grayskull build. I have used a two part resin to cast the weapons. After 20 minutes or so, I have gently peeled the casts out of molds and started to cut away the excess resin.


Once they have fully cured, each weapon has been gently sanded down. I have roughly placed the weapons I want to use on walls of the diorama. They are now ready to be painted and then permanently fixed onto the walls.


Finished painting the weapons. I initially gave them an under coat of black, then a coat of silver. Once dry I shaded them with Games Workshops Nuln Oil and then edged with Stormhost Silver.

A few experimental shots using my vintage and Super7 vintage style figures



Final Pictures




Bradford Unleashed March 2020

Bradford Unleashed March 2020

This March, I exhibited my works again at Bradford Unleashed 3rd March 2019.  If you are in the Bradford area on that weekend please call by, I’d love to see you.

If you look to attended and want to get tickets, details are below.

Or you can visit their website and purchase your tickets there.

To see what my stand looked like, click here



InspirEd Workshop Commissions

InspirEd Workshop Commissions

I am working along side InspirEd Workshops and Bradford’s National Media Museum to create eight diorama’s for InspirEd’s stop motion classes.


Building the Scenes

The eight diorama’s are my standard size of 15″ x 14″ x 10″.  I have cut the boards make five dioramas.

Boards cut for 5 dioramas, ready for work to be started.

I’ve used PVA glue to glue the layers together, using heavy comic book novels to apply equal pressure to each model. Once these are dry, I can start molding them into scene’s.



Building a Loft Apartment

For the first diorama of the eight I am building an apartment room. The walls are held together using magnetic tape. The work done so far has been to cut a door frame into the first layer of foam. The door is made from bolsa wood.


I have pencilled into all three walls the brick work which I will score out. 0.5″x1″ brick. The floor I have also pencilled in 1″x5″ floor board’s, also ready to be scored.


The right wall I have cut out a window, where I will insert a piece of perspex and build around it a window frame.



For the floor I have used a wire brush to give it the wood effect. I then scored around the bricks before creating the door frame.


While contemplating what do next before adding the window, I decided to start making some accessories. To start with I have created an armchair, modelled here by Harley Quinn



The next of accessories made for this piece is side board/workbench and a wall mounted TV.


The table is made using 6mm foam board and bolsa wood for the doors and draw. The flat screen is made from a piece of 10mm board.



I was able to cut the window for the first diorama. Using strips of bolsa wood to create the frame for the window.



Painting the Loft Apartment

I’ve undercoated the Loft Apartment diorama


Painted the walls of the Loft Apartment, gave the walls a base coat of light grey. When it had dried I added burnt umber to the grey mixture, then given the walls a second coat. The door I have painted a light blue.


Next step is to start painting the accessories I have made for this.

A little more work done on the Apartment room. The floor has been dry brushed with a light brown, which was then used to base paint the cupboard. Light blue painted on the door and over the chair (which was undercoated with black), not that you can tell!



I made a light brown and using a sponge to day it over the bricks, I then edged the workbench using it.


The Loft diorama, I repainted the door, cut out two images and stuck them onto thin pieces of bolsa wood and glued them on to the walls.

One of the things on the brief with the eight commissions, they have to be wipe able. I have bought Deco Art DuraClear Matte Varnish, and have applied a layer on each of the four pieces.


All that is left for me to do now is paint the outside of this piece with black.


Final Pictures



Building a Castle Room

I started the second piece. This piece is being based on a medieval castle.

Taking one of the pre-cut bases, I’ve added the magnetic tape. I have then cut two domed doorways into the top layer of foam of the back and right walls.  The right wall door is 10 cm higher because it will have a couple of steps.



With the doorways cut, I pencilled in the brickwork on the floor and the walls. I created steps for the second door.


To finish off this evenings work, I have cut a pair off door using bolsa wood. Which when finished will be glued into place.


Border adding anything else to this build, I scored out the brick work using pottery tools.


I have started to make the bolsa wood look like heavy oak doors. I have also added three load bearing columns onto the walls. This has almost concluded the overall build.



  I added some details on to three columns. The next step is to use Green Stuff to create door handles and rivets.



Using Green Stuff I’ve made the door handles and bolts for doors. The build is now complete so I can concentrate on the build of the third piece.



Painting the Castle

I’ve undercoated the Castle diorama



Painted the walls of the Castle Room, gave the walls a base coat of light grey. When it had dried I added blue to the grey mixture, then given the walls a second coat.

The two doors where undercoated with Burnt Umber, base coated with Games Workshops Dryad Bark, shaded with Agrax Earthshade and then layered with Gorthor Brown. The metal of the door was painted Balthasar Gold, shaded with Agrax and then layered with Sycorax bronze.

I made a dark grey mix and using a sponge, gently dabbed the sponge across the walls and floor of this diorama.
Once dried I added white to the grey mix to work into the cracks of the stone.
After gluing the doors into place I have dry brushed Games Workshops Longbeard Grey over areas of the surfaces.



The Castle Room is now complete, the walls and floor have been varnished and the exterior has been painted black.