Attic Display

Attic Display


I am making another figure display, this one’s a corner of an attic.





Building the Attic


Again the same measurements as before 6″x6″x9″. This piece is mainly made from bolsa wood, using foamboard for under the floor and the cladding over the slats. I have ripped parts of the foam to reveal the slats behind the board.



Painting the Attic

Let the painting begin!

So far I have given the wood a base coat of burnt umber mixed with a little black and the foam a base coat of black.

When the first coat dried a second coat was applied to the wood.

With the foam I have drybrushed the brown mix over the surface and edges.


When the second coat has dried, I’ll be going over the floor with a wash, making sure to get it into the all the crevasses of the floorboards.

Once the wash had dried, I added picture hooks into beams and then chained up my Ghostbusters zombie. Using Games Workshop’s Blood for the blood God, I have added blood pools/splatter and “Help me” onto the floor and walls.



Final Pictures



Star Wars Display Stands

Star Wars Display Stands

After watching The Mandalorian series I wanted to do a small display piece (which may end up being a series of these) based upon from show.



Display Stand 1 – Doorway


Building the Doorway

The measurements are 9″ x 6″ x 6″.  The back wall, base and wall braces are made from foam board using a piece of 10mm and 6mm glued together.  The wall I have added another piece of 6mm to frame around the door.


The door is made from two pieces of 2mm bolsa wood, the top pieces I have cut rectangle shapes, sanded them down and glued the two layers together.



Painting the Doorway

Using water down filler mixed with fine sand and light brown paint I have given the front of this model two coats. I have also undercoated the door with black which I’ll paint either brown or a metallic grey.



I painted the door a metallic grey, washed over it and rhe highlighted the edges.  I made a door control using plastic card, once painted it was glued it to the wall.

I glued the model together and then filled the gap between the walls and base with the mixture I made for the floor and walls.

I made a dark sand brown wash for the floor, added it into the recesses of the of the door and wall brace. Then gently washed the walls. When that had dried I dry brushed over the model with a light sand brown.



Final Pictures



Display Stand 2 – Side of a Building




I’ve decided to extend my current display, making this a series of modular displays.
This piece I am staying with the measurements of the last but doubling in length.
Made with the same material as the last. The pipes are from a spare Games Workshops Haemotrope Reactor, which I think work perfectly.



Painting the Building

 I covered it with watered down filler mixed with paint and left to dry. The pipes where under coated with Abaddon black, base coated with Games Workshops Leadbelcher and the shaded with Nuln Oil and then left to dry.


When the filler had dried, I created a dark sand brown wash, shading the entire floor and crevasses of set.

While that was drying I turned my attention to the pipes. Painting the parts with Games Workshops Retributor Armour, then dry brushed with Necron Compound. After this had dried both parts where glued onto the pieces.


I added filler mix into the crevasses between the pipes and the wall. Dry brushing the mixture over the pipes to weather them.


Using the sand brown mix that was originally made and added to the filler, I have painted the border and dry brushed the floor with. Once the filler around the pipes is dried then I’ll dry brush the wall.


To finish off this piece, I have shaded areas around the pipes, dry brushed the wall and added fluid run off down the wall by the pipes.

Final Pictures



Display Stand 3 – Building Front



I’m building up my Tatooine street scene with my third modular piece.  This is the same size as the second piece but includes a door and shuttered off window.


I have added detail around the door frame, made the door and a shutter  to act as a window. When the PVA glue has dried I will start to paint this.

I’ve lined it up with the other two pieces building up the street.  



Creating another filler/sand/paint mixture as I have used before, I have painted this model.


Left by a warm radiator to help dry, the floor, crevasses of the walls where given a dark tan wash. The wall was then dry brushed.

The door was painted grey and dry brushed with Games Workshops Necron Compound. The shutter was under coated with black, base coated with Games Workshops Leadbelcher, washed and dry brushed with Necron Compound.



Final Pictures


I have put all my recent modular sets together to produce a fantastic street scene, perfect for picture.  Check out the gallery.

The Ghosts Cargo Bay

The Ghosts Cargo Bay

Since buying Disney+ I have been watching a lot of Star Wars which has reignited my love love for this. Its where the inspiration for the Mos Eisley spaceport diorama I built for InspirEd Workshops came from.



Building the Scene

This pieces will be The Ghost cargo bay from the series Star Wars Rebels. While I am building this, I am building a commissioned pieced for InspirEd, which I am covering in a separate post.

For this build is the same size as the other five, the sides held together with magnetic tape. The boards where cut yesterday and glued together using PVA glue. When using PVA to stick boards together, it can take up to 48 hours to glue two waterproof pieces of foam board together. While the glue is drying, it is the best time to cut out doors, windows, etc from one layer without accidentally damaging the second layer. I’ve cut out a door frame and conduits, I have also cut a border for the floor.


Using strips of 6 mm foam to make door frame, the wall jousts are made from 10 & 6 mm 1″ x 3″ strips with a wooden squires running through them, which I have cut straws down and over the squires as pipes running between the jousts.


The next part is to cut sections of pipe and then to cut them in half (remember safety first!) which will be fitted into the alcoves of the walls. With the pipes cut I’ve glued them into place and then spent the rest of the time scoring into the foam, creating wall panels. I have to make the door next and then start painting this piece.


I’ve made the door out of the cargo bay using bolsa wood, also I’ve done a little detail work around the door.



Painting the Scene

Black undercoat sprayed over the interior of the cargo bay.



 I’ve painted the cargo bay with a grey base coat.



With the undercoat dry, I masked up the model to paint the straight lines. For the door I’ve used a light grey and Games Workshop’s Baharroth Blue. The blue strip around the walls I’ve used GWs Thousands Sons Blue. The orange I originally used my airbrush but it wasn’t the orange I was after, I’ve painted over using GWs Fire Dragon Bright. The yellow around the floor I’ve used airbrush paint but as you can see it’s not bright enough, tomorrow I might paint over using GWs Averland Sunset.


I’ve taken a few pictures with my Rebel figures to see how it looks



I’ve finished painting my Ghost Cargo Bay.


To finish off the build of the cargo bay, I’ve added LEDs to sides of the walls and two just above door.





Final Pictures