Mortal Kombat – The Pitt 2

While waiting for the clay to dry for Cobra Commander’s throne, it’s time to start building my next commission piece. I’ve been asked to build another Mortal Kombat The Pitt but unlike my previous one ( which was scaled for 3.75″ action figures, this one will be for the 6″ range.


Building the scene

To start I am making the walkway, this is made up of 3 section’s which slide together. The outer two sections are 12″ long and the center section is 9″ by 6″ wide. I have used 6 mm foam board sandwiching a piece of 10 mm board. With all pieces correctly lined up, each section is PVA glued.


Once they are dry, I can start building the towers and pillars.

I’ve built two ends to the bridge, which the bridge slots into them. The bridge sections will be held up using toilet rolls, which I’ll will coat using Modroc strips.


The basic build is done, I can start shaping this.