Welcome to my update page, where I will keep you up to date on my latest news/builds and general goings on with the Workshop.

First coat of paint on the borders and the extra work on the road.

Interlinking border and road added to this commission.

Painted my wormhole effect for my Stargate diorama.

It’s been a busy week, now the tiles are cut and design agreed. Work on the terrain can start.

Updates to Plastic Action gallery, checkout the latest!

I’ve been busy today with my commission piece, created a helipad and started working on the designs for the terrain tiles.

Building and the painting of the Stargate altar is completed.

With the G.I. Joe bunker complete, I am taking a small break to build a mini project based from the 1994 Stargate film.

The bunker is now completed, finishing off part 1 of this project.

Engraving the internal walls is now complete.

Work has started on the inside of the bunker.

Further development done on the bunker.
Check it out!

From 2D to 3D

New commission build has started, but currently in the early design phase.