Coruscant Display Stands

I wanted to recreate a couple of my Coruscant Underworld display pieces again for 3.75″ Star Wars figures

Building the Scene

This modular display is for 3.75″ Star Wars figures, made from foam board of 6 & 10 mm thickness. It is a single piece of foam with layers of foam added to it. Its measurements are 6.5″ x 8″ x 6″, all pieces are glued together using PVA glue, therefore waiting time for the glue to dry is about 24 hours.

Painting the Scene

After giving each module a black undercoat, I then gave the gave them a grey base coat, I then decided to paint each one using metallic acrylic paint. The idea behind this is Coruscant in the capital and the entire planet is one big city and a lot of it would be metal. Each one has been painted, and I’ve painted the pipes and the recesses of the doors with a black wash.

Final Pictures


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