Building Entrance Display Diorama

I’ve started building a generic display piece for 6-inch figures, with the idea that this is a back entrance to a building in an alleyway.

It will measure 13.3″ x 10.7″, made out of foam board, held together with magnetic tape and designed to be flat packed for shipping and storage.

Building the Scene

I was looking over some cells from the X-Men Animated cartoon of the 90s and came across one of an alleyway back entrance to a building and thought this would be a great little piece to build.

This piece will be a 2 piece display, made up of a back wall and floor. The back wall will be a brick wall with a static closed door in the middle.

I cut out the back wall from a piece of 10 mm foam board and before I stuck it onto a piece of 6 mm board, I cut out the door frame. I marked out the brickwork and then added extra pieces of 10 mm onto the front, I also cut a couple of steps for the door out of 6 mm foam. I then cut out a strip of 30 mm foam board of 1″ thickness to go across the top.

What started off as just being a two-piece diorama has now turned into a three-piece. After putting the floor together and scoring paving stones onto it. I added a light above the door, which will be properly attached once it’s been painted. I decided that this piece needed a second smaller wall, again like the first it is held together with magnetic tape. When the glue has dried I will score in the brickwork.

I finished adding the brickwork to the sidewall, adding bullet damage to the wall. To finish work on the wall, I added a final layer of foam brick to the wall. All that is left is to sand the edges and I can start painting this piece.

Painting the Scene

With the black undercoat dry, I sponged on a mid grey paint all over the brickwork and floor. Once it had dried I sponged over it with a light grey, while it was drying I made a doorknob using green stuff. After the 2nd coat had dried I went over all the walls and floor with a black wash.

I have finished my latest diorama. To complete this piece I painted the door brown and then added a brown wash into the recesses, painted the doorknob brass and then finished by adding the brown wash into the recesses of the floor and on the walls.

Final Pictures


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