Painting miniature faces

Painting miniature faces

I’ve been painting miniatures for a year and it was about time I learnt how to do eyes.

The method I have found (to which at this point is my first attempt so this will probably change later) is:

Base coat of Abbadon Black
A coat of Bugman’s Glow
A coat of Cadian Fleshtone
Shade with Reikland Fleshshade
Black for the eye balls and then white on the pupils.
Add the pupil’s and tidy up the black using Cadian Fleshtone
Highlight the flesh using Kislev Flesh. Paint the metal areas using Leadbelcher paint the hair using Dawnstone.
Apply Nuln Oil over the metal areas and hair. Now your head is ready to be added to the body.
I need more practise at the time of this writing.


Plague Marines

Death Guard Plague Marines

No Traitor Legion stands as high in Nurgle’s favour as the Death Guard. Swollen with the Plague God’s blessings and utterly devoted to the corruption of realspace in his name, the hulking Plague Marines that comprise their mainstay despoil all in their path while chanting praise to their gruesome patron. -:GW