Snake Eyes Log Cabin

Snake Eyes Log Cabin

I’ve been commissioned to create a log cabin for the new 6″ G.I.JOE Classifieds series based on the classic 80’s comic.



Building the Scene

The specifications I’ve been given are 30″ x 15″ x 15″, it is to be made from foam board and designed to be flat packed. I have been asked to do both exterior and interior.

Unfortunately I do not own a 6″ Snake Eyes, to help model the construction of this set will be Arnold.


With the sheets still drying, I have cut notches into the inside walls for the walls to fit into and for the floor.

When the sheets have dried I will start scoring the foam to make it look like a log cabin.


Still working on the overall structure of this piece before going into detail.

Working on the foundations adding slots into the floor and then drawing on the “logs” on the front at 1″ width.


Today I’ve finished marking out the logs for both the exterior and interior. I’ve cut out four windows and a door. I’ve also started scoring one of the exterior.



I spent time shaping the walls internally and externally, to look like they are made from lengths of wood.

My client asked if I could fit a door in one of longer walls between the windows.

The next steps are to score the floor and porch before starting on the roof.


The wooden floor is now done. I’ve marked out 6″ x 1″ beams running the width, then scored the floor before taking a wire brush running it width ways across the floor.

With this now done, it’s time to work on the roof.


With the floor completed, it was time to bite the bullet and make the root.

Cutting two pieces 23″ x 5.5″ which gives 1.5″ over hang on both sides and two smaller pieces which fitted inside the frame of the cabin. The roof pieces where glued onto them with PVA glue, when the pieces are dry I’ll score the detail onto them.

The last piece to make before making the doors and windows is the stone chimney.


I’ve added a chimney breast using three 10 mm strips glued together, then scoring in bricks. I’ve also marked out 1″ thick slats running the length of the roof. Just need to score these and then it’s off to do the doors and windows.


Using bolsa wood for the doors and door frames,the cabin has two working doors.


Next steps are adding dirt to the floor and I can start painting this.


The last bit to do before I start painting is to make the ground surrounding the cabin. I’ve done this by using ordinary garden soil mixed with PVA glue.

Making the most of the one day of sun this weekend, I’m leaving it to dry outside.


Now I can start painting the cabin.

Painting the Scene

First layer of paint applied to exterior, once dried I’ll use the same paint for the interior.


The base coats of the cabin walls are now finished, I’ve used a dark brown for the interior floor, nut brown for the porch floor and one of the doors.


Next I’ll base coat the other door, the chimney and the roof.

I started by mixing a dark brown wash and painting it between each of the logs both internal and external, the crevasses of the door and roof.


Mixing up a light grey with a touch of light blue for the chimney stack. When that had dried I went in between the bricks with the dark brown wash.


When the wash on the walls had dried, I dry brushed the exterior with a dark brown.


I then added white to the dark brown and dry brushed the interior walls, the floor and roof.


I took this piece outside to do a couple of test shots and show how big the cabin is, my cat thought I built him a new house.


What’s left to do is paint the border of the base with black and add the windows.

I’ve added the windows and window frames. All that’s left to do is paint the edges of the base and stain the window frames and then this piece will be complete.


 The windows frames are stained, the base edges have been painted. Quickly checking with my client if there’s anything else he wants before declaring this piece finished and final pictures can be taken.




Final Pictures



Cobra Commander Throne

Cobra Commander Throne

I’ve been asked to build a throne for Cobra Commander to scale 12″ Sideshow series. To get an idea of scale I have purchased a 1992 Action Man Cobra Commander which is also 12″.



Building the throne

So far for the seat I have made this out of foam board.



Using foam board to build out the throne, drawing the Cobra symbol to go behind the back of the chair. The idea I have to upon this making it 3 dimensional.

 The base I have cut two pieces of 10 mm foam board and drawn on 1″x 1″ square’s.

The throne, I have sanded and squared of the edges for now before making them serpent shaped. The back of the throne I have cut three pieces of 6 mm board to enhance the Cobra symbol and glued them to the back of the throne.



Started today by sanding down the corners of the arm rests and front of the throne. Also scoring into the back rest 3 cushions.

The base I have scored the 1″ x 1″ in squares.


To make the Cobra symbol really stand out, I have used clay around the head and the arms of the throne. The idea is for the arms to be be incorporated into the symbol.


Added a strip of foam board to complete the look of the Cobra symbol. It’s starting to come together I think.


I’ve added clay to both edges of the symbol, making the ends blend with arms of the throne.

Due to the weight of the throne, I don’t want the throne to topple over and break. Using 6 mm foam board, I have constructed a small plinth which is is embedded into the base and the throne sits over.

Extra clay was added to the throne, when it’s dry it will almost be time to paint.


A little extra decoration added to the throne today before sealing the entire throne with a watered down PVA glaze. When it’s dry I can start to paint this.




Painting the throne

A black under coat has been applied


Sprayed a layer of chrome gold and once that had dried, I’ve sprayed Gold leaf over the symbol.


I have used Games Workshop’s Reikland Fleshshade on the back and sides of throne, working the flesh shade in to the groves. I’ve used Auric Armour Gold in between the Cobras ‘ribs’. Then to see how it looked before painting all cushions, I have used Mephiston Red.


Finished painting the throne, got to start on the base now.



I base coated with a light grey, then added black and a touch of blue to the mixture to darken the flag stones.


The next step is paint between the flags before dry brushing over them.


To finish of this piece, I painted between the flags. Once that had dried I dry brushed over the base with Games Workshops Longbeard Grey.


With this done, this piece is now complete, my usual final pictures to follow.



Final Pictures




G.I.Joe Armoury

G.I.Joe Armoury

I’ve been commissioned to create an Armoury for the same customer whom I built the Cobra bunker for a couple of years ago.


Building the scene

This piece is made from foam insulation board, the base, walls and the steps I have used 10 mm foam board.  The basic structure is there, time to build upon this before adding LEDs and casting weapons.


I placed magnets in the walls to hold it together. Using two strips I have separated the armory into three sections, in between the strips are three more panels which I will mounts weapons onto before fixing them into place.