Technodrome Portal Room

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Technodrome Portal Room

I am going to build Technodromes Portal Room from the 80’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. This will be scaled to size of NECA’s recent 6.5″ range.


Building the Scene

To start with I have cut two pieces of foam board 23″x18″ for the floor, then cut a circular hole in the top layer of foam. The far wall which will have the portal is again two pieces of foam board 18″ x 14″.
I have also cut the side walls, which when the boards have glued together will be magnetic striped onto the base.




I’ve cut the sides down and applied magnetic tape. I now have basic shape of the Portal Room to build upon.



Created the portal gate using strips of 10 mm foam board. Built the two nodes that sit either side of the gate, sanding down the front to give a solid look.


Built an over hang for the right wall using 6 mm foam board and hot glue. Using two vitamin tubes glued together to create a pipe running down to floor from it.



I scored in the metal plates I to the foam before adding in any more decorative parts.



Some details above the portal gate and built the first of two pieces of equipment to the left wall.



Built the console that sits at the mouth of the portal. Using a combination of 6 & 10 mm foam board, and making the console slightly taller than Krang. With the console made I have etched into it a pair of screens and metal panels.


The second tower is made similar to the first tower. The top is made from a muffin container.


I have made a round air vent using a pair of pastry cutter. This is glued to the conduit on the right wall.


I just have a couple of extra pipes to the right wall before completing this build and can start painting.


Painting the Scene

I have a applied a black undercoat.



Mixed up a medium grey for the walls, when it had dried I have started to use a light grey on the panels and pelmets of the towers. A little silver on the console to see what it looked like.


I’ve decided to go for a metallic look, similar to 2016 interpretation in the 3 part episode Wanted: Bebop and Rocksteady.

The two tall machines I’ve covered the darker grey with PlastiKote Pewter, which has given it a lovely metallic look. The gate I’ve painted in Chrome (was supposed to be silver) and the cables with Games Workshops Leadbelcher.


The walls have a coat of Pewter over them. A light blue was used as a highlighter for devices around the gate.



The floor has been given a coat of Pewter, along with the metal parts of the console. I have edged all metal surfaces with Games Workshops Stormhost Silver and glued the large computer console to the left wall. Edged the diorama with Chrome.


What remains to be done is the portal and to paint the outside of the diorama in black.


With the help of my daughter who assisted in painting portal effect. With this in place, it completes the build of my TMNT Technodrome diorama.


My final pictures to follow.

Turtle Lair

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Turtle Lair

Taking inspiration from my recent Sewer commission I wanted to make a TMNT lair.  This piece is scaled to the 7″ Classic figures (based on the 1987 cartoon).


The diorama is made from insulation foam board, held together with magnetic tape.  Since I have used magnetic tape, it means its can be expanded upon at a later date.  Either adding in extra rooms or sewer tunnels.



Decided to etch in brick work to outside of one of the doors, followed up with brick work on the sewer tunnels. 


Finished the night of with some test shots of the Turtles facing down Shredder and his Foot soldiers.

With the door


 Grey acrylic base coat was applied to all the inside walls, floor and the one outer wall.


I washed over the entire inside of the model with a light brown which I applied using a sponge.   With that trying I turned my attention to creating one of the main pieces of furniture for any Turtle lair, the sofa!  Making this out of 10 mm foam board to fit two turtles.



Placing the sofa around the lair, I’ve realized I need to trim an inch off the sofa so it doesn’t look to fill the room as much as it does now.

I cut a couple of lengths of pipe which will run the length of each wall, as you can see they are only resting on top while finish off painting the walls before attaching them.



I applied a second wash of grey over all the walls, while they were drying I turned my attention to trimming an inch off the sofa and cutting the pipes down to size.


Using the airbrush to go round each brick and every crack using a light grey.  The sofa was given a coat of lime green (I know it looked awful!), this was quickly rectified and repainted over with a light brown.  Once it had dried I dry brushed a dark brown over to weather it.

I spray painted the pipes with a black base coat, followed with an aluminium layer.  They were dry brushed with Games Workshops Dryad Bark and Necron Compound.  The walls of the model were dry brushed with Games Workshops Longbeard grey.


All the pipes where fixed into place, I combined the Turtle lair with the sewer commissioned piece I had also recently finished together to build an awesome Turtle play-set which you will see in the final pictures.

Final Pictures