Munitorum Armoured Containers

Munitorum Armoured Containers

Base coat


Containers, crates and barrels done I’ve only got the small cannons that come with each container to finish.

The receipts are:

Base- Mephistor Red
Shade- Agrax Earth shade
Dry brush- Evil Sunz Scarlet

Base- Maccrage blue
Shade- Agrax earthhade
Dry brush- Necron Compound

Base- Death Guard Green
Shade- Agrax Earth shade
Dry brush- Caliban Green
Dry brush- Necron Compound

Gun Metal
Base- Leadbeacher
Shade- Nuln oil
Dry brush- Stormhost silver


Base- Retributor Armour 
Shade- Reikland Fleshshade
Edge- Liberator Gold





I decided I wanted a container worthy of the Death Guard, one that is writhe with disease and decay.


With the gun turret painted and in place, the scene can be set for the battle to take place between the forces of good and evil!


Imperial Knight Paladin

Imperial Knight Paladin

Few weapons can match the Imperial Knight Paladin’s rapid-fire battle cannon for sheer long-range destructive capability. Able to blast apart entire battalions of enemies with a single concentrated discharge, the Knight Paladin uses its immense stride to quickly reposition, providing support fire as it moves for maximum battlefield coverage. In close combat, its thunderstrike gauntlet is able to disregard enemy armour with impunity. -:GW






The finished paint job and transfers are added, this knight is ready to roll out!




Freeblade ready to defend the city from the Ork invasion






Ork Boyz

Orks fall upon their foes like a shouting green avalanche – tooled up with crude, improvised weapons and crude, improvised tactics, they’re an anarchic, battle-crazed force who live for the thrill of the fight. Addicted to violence, speed and brutality, they are resilient, resourceful and incredibly numerous – ‘ERE WE GO! -:GW


Ork Boyz



Ork Gretchin






Plague Marines

Death Guard Plague Marines

No Traitor Legion stands as high in Nurgle’s favour as the Death Guard. Swollen with the Plague God’s blessings and utterly devoted to the corruption of realspace in his name, the hulking Plague Marines that comprise their mainstay despoil all in their path while chanting praise to their gruesome patron. -:GW



A strong core of reliable and adaptable warriors that can lay down fire while advancing or holding down terrain is an invaluable aid to any tactician. In the case of strike forces bolstered by Primaris battle-brothers, this role is fulfilled by the Intercessor Squads. -:GW







Tactical Squad








Marines are all painted, individual pictures to follow.







Primaris Space Marine Officers

Lieutenant with power sword
Lieutenant Calsius




Primaris Space Marine Terminators

Terminator Sergeant (5th Edition)





Space Marine Aggressors









Ultramarine Heroes