Death Star Corridor

Death Star Corridor

Starting a new commission piece, Death Star corridor for Star Wars Black series 6″.



Building the Scene


Made of foam board, the corridor will consist of four individual panels and a floor.



After marking out each panel, I’ve cut out each smaller panel using card and I’m now in the process gluing each piece to the board. I’m using a 3D printed version as a comparison.



I have cut another set of panels for the first wall section. I’ve added another layer of foam to double the thickness and cut down the floor to the correct size.



Finished the build on the corridor, when the glue has dried I can start painting this.



Painting the Scene

 Last night I undercoated with a black, this morning I have base coated with grey.


A second coat of grey was applied, when dried I’ve used a dark grey wash to the vents and then painted over the top with a layer of Pewter.



Final Pictures