Mandalorian Display 2

Mandalorian Display 2

I’ve been commissioned to create another Tatooine Display Diorama for a client. This piece 9″ x 8″ x 6″ and will sit beside one I previously built for him.



Building the Scene

 This piece is made from foamboard, I’ve put together the door frame and the surrounding decor. When it’s dry I’ll start on the door.



Painting the Scene

Mixing watered down filler with sand I have coated this piece. The door I have layered with card to create the design. When the door has dried I can start painting it.


A second layer of filler was applied and when it dried I have painted with in the crevasses with a dark brown wash.


The door has been given a coat of brown, with a layer of Pewter. The crevasses of the door I have used Games Workshop’s Nuln Oil.


When this has dried I will be dry brushing over the surface as I have done with the other pieces.


After dry rushing the walls and floor, I’ve painted door controls, the pipe, this piece is now finished.


With client already having one display piece, I have placed this next to one similar to his.



Final Pictures