Saturday the first day of the Science festival, I was originally placed in Gallery 1 along with 50 years of space history, I was truly privileged to amongst such history.


While showcasing my installations I started painting a couple of Space Marines I had taken with me.  Due to the location I was in, I was unable to let anyone make any aliens for the Lunar Scape diorama.

By the end of Saturday, this marine is almost battle ready.

For the Sunday I was relocated to the top of the stairs on Level 1, this gave me the opportunity to allow people to create their own aliens.


Throughout the day the number of aliens increased and quickly filled the space.

I was fortunate that my youngest daughter wanted to come across and help out, she helped the younger children create their alien and placed them on the moons surface.  While I started painting the second of the marines I had brought with me.  I am very proud of my little girl!

My daughter showing a little girl on how to create an alien.
The second marine I painted on the Sunday.
The box of plasticine by the lunchtime is half full.
The moon filling up very quickly by early afternoon
By 4pm the moon is over run by aliens!

My daughter and I where completely exhausted by the end of the day but we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  


We are both looking forward to next years festival!

What do you think?

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