Weapon X Entrance

I’ve started a new display piece, being a lover of the X-Men and reading the comics and watching the cartoon series through the ’90s. I recently bought Marvel Legends Weapon X figure and wanted to build a piece for this figure, to which I read the Barry Windsor Smith Weapon X series, watch X-Men 2, Wolverine Origins and X-Men Apocalypse and then while watching X-Men Animated I found the inspiration I wanted. So for this quick little piece, I’m making a wall from Weapon X, Lies and Videotape X-Men animated episode. This will also double up as a generic figure display.

Building the Scene

This piece will consist (so far) of a wall with a locked door and a floor. The wall is measured 14″ x 10″. The wall I have cut the door out, marked up the panelling on the wall, cut out a doorframe, adding a piece of foam board behind the wall and then adding detail for the locked door. I have also made a couple of wall details which I have not fixed onto the wall yet.

Almost finished the construction of this build. I’ve scored the panelling into the wall, added the door lock and vent, then added some more wall decorations.

I have added another layer of foam to the back to not only strengthen the wall but to add a lip which I’ll add magnetic tape to join it to the base. On the floor I have cut two pieces of 10mm foam board and glued them together, I then scored into the floor 2″ x 2″ panels.

Painting the Scene

Painting has begun now that the pieces have been sanded. Once the black poster paint had dried, I have base coated both pieces with a gunmetal grey.

Later on, I will use different metal paints to pick out the detail.

Basecoat is done.

I’ve been painting the 1st layers on the wall today using a variety of metallic paints. I have a few touches to do for that wall before “dirtying” the wall and finishing the floor.

This piece is almost done, I’ve added buttons to the consoles, edged and dry brushed over the wall and door. All that is left to do is drybrush the floor and maybe add a brown wash in places to age this.

I dried brushed a dirty brown wash over the floor and up the wall and door to finish this piece off.

To complete this project I just need to do my final photos.

Final Pictures


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