Last night was all about casting katana’s and tiger claw swords. I now have 4 of each, which I’ll paint up and fix the katana’s into the sword rack and the tiger swords to a piece of wood each, which will then be mounted to the back wall, either side of the Shinto shrine.

Weapons casting for the sword rack and wall mounts

Arashikage logo applied to the back wall, a sword rack has been constructed and painted, a black wash has been applied to the Shinto Shrine. Just a few more finishing touches need to be done before its finished.

Cobra Stun finished and ready for combat! COBRAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

The Shinto Shrine needs another coat of paint, the top of the shrine needs a layer of burnt umber.
A boarder of vermilion has been applied, when it’s dry the mats will be painted and then the weapon racks need to be built.

First coat of paint onto the wood.