A second layer of Leadbelcher applied to all metal work along with second coats of Death Guard Green to the armour and Rakarth flesh to the Nurgle and the Blightbringers tentacles. Agrax Earthshade applied to the armour, Nuln Oil to all metallic painted areas and Reikland Fleshshade over the Nurgle and tentacles.
Finishes of my Blightbringer, he is ready to take his place amongst the ranks of the Death Guard

I’ve added a Retributor armour to his armour and given his pet Nurgle his first base coat.

Finished off my last three Intercessors.

Almost finished my latest Marines and I’ve start on my Blightbringer

Completed the armour edging, painting the knee caps and parchments. Just need to finish off their utility belts, eyes and base stands