Commissioned Building

Commissioned Building

After taking a couple of weeks off from Comic Con it’s time to start back up again and what a project to start off with. My sister contacted recently to tell me that my 7 year old nephew has started to get into Spider-Man and wondered if I could build him a play-set for him for Christmas (yes I said that horrible word!).  I decided to construct a building for 6” figures, which will be double sided, with roof for him to play with.  By the time I am done with this, he is going to love it!  To start with, I am using insulation foam board for the overall construction.



I started preparing the external brick work. Drawing out each one on the boards surface, making them a half an inch in height and one inch in length, before taking a pointed tool to scored them onto the board. After all three external wall were marked, the window and doors were cut out.

I completed marking out the internal brick work to match the external. Then cut a single piece of foam board to be the foundation of the raised ground floor, which will be accomplished using bolsa wood for the floor.

Because I’m an awesome uncle I even went out and purchased a Spider-Man Homecoming figure which will accompany this set.

I got on with developing the ground the floor, using a bolsa wood block strips for the beams with flat sheets laid on top, then made it look like floor boards. Over the weekend I will be nailing the together, use a wire brush to add wood lines and remove any splinters then add 4 beams on each corner to which I will be putting the next floor on. To tidy up the back so my nephew doesn’t get underneath floor I have cut a strip of foam board.


Started creating the first floor by sticking bolsa wood onto a sheet of foam board. Four beams at 7.1 inch tall, to which where glued to the each corner of the ground floor and then nailed down. Afterwards ground floor was then glued and nailed onto the three foundation beams. The first floor was then glued and nailed into position.
Next I will start the roof before any painting and gluing all pieces into place.


I have finally managed to get the roof on, its all held together with masking tape but its on!  Using insulation board, I cut various lengths to build up the rooftop.  My nephew is only 7  so I have tried to design this with as much access and freedom for him, that any boy needs for a play-set.


Next I need to build the fire escape, front and side steps and then sidewalk.  Not forgetting the glue and paint!


I started working on the fire escape. Using bolsa wood for the base of the platform, then cutting strips of bamboo cans of 3.5” and placing them equal spacing along the platform. Once in place I cut two strips of bolsa wood to act as a railing, making sure the wholes where lined up and slotted the bamboo bars into the railings.

As you can see it slots into place perfectly. I now need to add a couple of braces under the platform to brace it against the wall, sand it down and glue all the pieces into place.



I’ve had a busy/productive day with Harry’s building. I woke up at 6 am wanting to make the front and side steps (as you do on the weekend!)

This then led to sander, rotary tool and the glue gun being brought out, all edges sanded and tidied up. The wooden floors and fire escape was sanded, glued together, braces attached to the underneath of the fire escape.

I disassembled the roof, using hot glue all pieces were put back into place and sanded as I went along. This was followed up with building been glued together and the roof being glued into place. While I attaching the walls together, I decided to swap over the side walls, this made the fire escape pointing the over way with ladder rear facing.

What is left to be done, create a side walk to surround the building and then apply paint to it.



First coat of paint applied. Black for the fire escape, light grey for the roof and a grey/burnt umber mix for the bricks.

I completed the outside and inside the ground floor it by the then it was late last night and I’d run out of the made up paint and was too tired to do the 1st floor. The outer steps I made up a medium grey and for the surrounding border.

This morning I had to quickly spray the fire escape because the paint I had used had been absorbed into the wood.

2nd coat needs applying then numerous washes to weather the exterior of the building. The floors need painting and a pavement still needs to be done.


Last night was time to work on the pavement surrounding this building. Cutting out a piece of foam board, marking out where the building will sit on board. I marked out the curb and pavement slabs which run across the front of the building. Either side of the building I want it to look like a concrete alleyways.
Still need to add second coats of paint to building and paint the pavement.

Over the weekend, I have applied a second coat of paint to the exterior and interior. This was quickly followed by a coat of dark burnt umber for the wood work, both floors and supports.
For the roof, I cut a piece of black foam board, removed the top layer of card and glued it to top of the roof. Texture of the black foam board, painted black works as both texture for the roof and another layer to child proof the set.
With the pavement I sprayed a coat of white, then while wet I sprayed a coat of black paint. Another coat of grey is needed to cover the blacker areas.




I found the time the other day to grab a paint brush and set to work on the pavement. Using a grey mix I went over the pavement slabs to even them out. Adding a touch of blue to grey paint and using a thin brush, I went around each slab and crack.
While this was drying I did the same to cracks on the roof. A grey mixture was then used over the black and then around the side doors and window frame.

I mixed up burnt umber and red and applied that to the outer and interior walls, I was not fond of the brown brick effect it currently had.
Once it’s dry, I need to touch up the paint in places, work on the front entrance. I may add a couple of doors to it for effect but this is going to be a play set for my 7 year old nephew.


I couldn’t resist doing a couple of action shots to test out Harry’s play set.

Taking a small paint brush and mix of watered down burnt umber and black acrylic, I went round each brick and crack on the external walls. Then washed over the interior to darken the walls and cover up ant foam still showing. This took a couple of hours so now I just need to to paint the door frames and touch up any smudges.

Finishing touches complete, this morning I went round out tidied up any paint run off, painted the door frames and the concrete border running the base of the building.


Now that it has been completed, I placed it next to my first building. I know I built it for my nephews Spider-Man but Batman got in there first. Followed by TV’s The Flash, Flash 2 and Zoom. I did finish off letting Spider-Man try out this play set for him. 

I will be putting up my usual finishing photos up tomorrow evening.

I hope you have enjoyed watching the development of this project as I have creating it.

I am pleased to present to you the final pictures of my nephews Christmas present, before I wrap it up for him.
I added a few extra character pictures for your enjoyment. Enjoy!