Open Grave

Created a Halloween based diorama

Building the scene

I’ve glued together two pieces of foam board 16″x14.5″, cut a hole in the near middle 7″x 4″. Using a couple of pieces of foam to create a headstone.


With out realising I put the name of my best friend I lost to cancer three years ago on the grave stone.


Made a two more grave stones. Cutting four pieces of foam to form the walls of the grave.


To test my idea of what I wanted to achieve submerged grave into water added a fountain haser. The grave filled up with steam, I’m thinking raising the device to enable the steam to spill out from the grave. Adding my Ghostbusters zombie for added effect.


Built a waterproof box from foam board, glued together using hot glue creating a waterproof seal.  I ran hot glue across all the corners, sealing the inside of the box.

A layer of soil mixed with PVA glue was smeared across the surface and when dry a layer of moss will be added.


Developing the scene

While waiting for the soil to dry I made a couple more gravestones.


After raiding my garden for moss, after it dried out I’ve glued it on top of the soil.


Grave stones painted. When the moss is tried these will be fixed to base



Finishing touches

Trimmed the grass to tidy it up, glued the headstones into place using hot glue. Placed the hazer unit into the grave and filled the box with water. The haze filled the grave giving me the effect I wanted.


As a finishing touch for a Halloween display piece, I have added bat LEDs to the box and then covered it with spider webs.


Added a underwater LED light


Final Pictures