Bradford Science Festival Weekend


Friday set up

Having arrived at the Science Museum earlier today, I was taken to the room where I would holding my workshops for the next couple of days.




After I finished setting up, I went for a wonder around the museum and look what I came across.

1st Day

It’s been a fantastic first day at the Science Festival, met loads of lovely people who were very interested in my work. Before the event started I was able to explore parts that I had missed the day before and came across Davros and his Dalek horde.



By mid morning I was half way through my 80’s Tardis build, I had hoped by the lunchtime I would be able to start painting it.  Unfortunately that had not happened, the build had taken longer than I had hoped.

2nd Day

The 2nd and final day of the Bradford Science Festival. It went so fast but enjoyed every moment of it, even down to getting my arm painted!

My Tardis diorama, I was able to finish the build and complete the base coats of the walls and floor. Unfortunately by the time the paint had dried, the festival was coming to close at the museum. I will be finishing it off in my own time next week.

You can follow the rest of this diorama completion by clicking this link


Thank you to all staff, I’ve had a wonderful time and everyone was very friendly and helpful.


I have dedicated my Dalek Lair diorama to the museum as apart of the Doctor Who theme of the festival.  I have been told it is going to used in the animation activities for schools.