Jan 7, 2018

Apartment Room

Started a new little diorama scaled to 6 inch action figure. Made from foam board I’ve cut to walls and marked brick on both sides, cut a window on the larger wall. The floor is another piece of foam board, with bolsa wood stuck to it. The wood I will mark out floor boards and score the brick work into the walls.

At the moment my Captain Sisko is modelling my new diorama. This is not meant to be a Trek diorama, he was the closest to hand to model for me.

I have scored all brick work on both sides of the wall. Then I scored floorboards into the bolsa wood.

I coated both sides of the walls using white spray paint, while that was drying I used a watered down burnt umber over the bolsa wood floor which was quickly followed up with a watered down black wash.



I made up a blue/grey wash and went over the both sides of the wall. Adding black to wash I went in between the bricks and cracks in the walls to emphasise the imperfections in the brick work.

The walls were glued to base and while this was drying I turned to creating a bookcase, using scrap pieces of foam board.  Painting the bookcase in light brown, the same with two of the books, the other two with a dark grey. When the books dried the pages where painted white.

While this was drying I turned back to the room. I cut a piece of perspex along with 8 thin pieces of bolsa wood. The window was fitted and the thin pieces of bolsa were used for the frame around the window.

After putting it altogether I placed a box with a couple of rubbish bags in the room.  While trying to decide who would suit this diorama I placed ‘66 Batman and Robin to fill the void which works very well, especially when I placed the Joker at the window looking in.

Final pictures are complete


Hope you enjoy the pictures!


2 thought on “Apartment Room”
  1. A great diorama that I use as a hideout which Cobra is about to destroy.

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