Amok Time

Carrying on my love for Star Trek and the 90’s Playmates figures. For my this project I will be reproducing the fight scene between Kirk and Spock  on Vulcan from the classic episode Amok Time.

I have started with the centre structure in the middle of the arena, this is made with a small 10mm foam board platform and then a smaller 5mm step surrounding the front as a step. Two strips of foam board cut and glued together to act as the plinth to sit the boulder on top. A smaller foam pillar was cut to stand at the front of the platform.

A 5mm foam circle was cut and placed on the platform, which will be coal pit of the platform. The centre of pit had the top card layer removed and parts of the foam dug out to look like coal.

The boulder I made up using scrolled up tin foil which will be coated using either filler or modroc. The surrounding rock wall is done the same way as the central boulder. The 4 pillars rising up from the rock border are made up from 2 pieces of foam board strips glued together and another layer of tin foil laid on top which will be treated as the boulder

I got to work on the scenery by taking a pot of filler I coated the rock that sits on the shrine with filler. Once covered I did the same with the lower wall, making sure to encase the pillars.

Next will be to do same with the tin foil that is sat on top of the pillars and add a second coat to lower section.


This afternoon I set to work on the rock columns. Using modroc plaster of Paris strips to cover the kitchen foil and joining them onto the top of each pillar. The steps were also covered as well to add texture to the stone steps.


Since I finished the lower wall the other day, I was not happy about the height of it. This evening I added another layer of tin foil and then laid a layer of modroc over it, doubling the wall in height. I now feel it is more in proportion with Kirk and Spock.








I glued a layer of black foam board to the foam base, this will strengthen the overall base.

When this is dry I can start working on the arena floor and cutting the base to size. 🖖🏻

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