4th Doctor’s Secondary control room 

When I exhibited for the Bradford Science Festival I had printed off a lot of printable Doctor Who sets from AFT Downloads for people to cut out and make their own Doctor Who diorama.  I had a few of these spare and  make them up and use them for my daughter to play with using them on Plastic Action page.

This set is taken from the Classic Doctor Who episode The Masque of Mandragora – The Robots of Death



This set is incomplete at the moment, I still need to cut out and set up the rails around the center console.

To complete this diorama, I cut out a couple of foam board circles ( a 10 mm and 5 mm) and glued them together and placed the center console platform over them.  Then I cut out the railings fitting them into the platform and through the foam.  I  stuck four pieces of card board to the underside of the floor to strengthen the card, trimmed the floor to the precise size to fit the walls onto, taping the walls to the floor, gluing the stairs to the floor and completing this diorama.