The 1st Doctors Tardis interior

With the science festival now days away, I wanted to mock a simple Dr Who diorama which I will be doing workshops based on.   The images where courtesy  of AFT Downloads, their diorama decals are free to download and print out.

I printed out the 1st Doctor’s Tardis interior, stuck the walls onto A4 card, stuck two pieces of card together for the floor.  Cut out the monitor, light box and Tardis console.  Folded them to make their shapes and here are the results, I have added a contact lens container and placed it upside down on top of the console as an added extra.  








As you can see a quick and easy Dr Who diorama but I recommend using a laser printer or you will go through a lot of ink.

I tweaked the back wall a bit because I was not happy with it.  I took a second print out of the wall, cut out supports, cutting out strips of 5 mm foam board.  The foam board was stuck onto the was and the cut out supports were the stuck onto the foam board.  The monitor was glued into place on the wall, another light box was cut out and fitted to the other side of the wall.